About me

Hey, I’m Penny, a hypnobirthing mum and teacher. I've got two lovely children and had amazing hypnobirths with both of them.


I work with first time parents like you who are really excited about meeting their baby but .... all you've ever been told about birth is how awful it is and you’re worried that yours will be too!


Working together I can help you:

  • Learn how to let go of your worries and fears about birth

  • Replace those fears with confidence that your body can give birth quickly, easily and comfortably.

You’ll go from worrying that your birth will be awful to feeling confident that your birth will be awesome!

When I was pregnant the first time I wasn’t particularly scared of giving birth, however I was worried about the pain. I was definitely not looking forward to it. But I was kind of resigned to it because that's how it was done, how babies were born. My partner was actually more scared than I was! He worried that either me or the baby would die in childbirth!


It was my partner who found out about hypnobirthing. His colleague did hypnobirthing and had a 6 hour labour at home and didn't need any pain relief. I wasn't exactly sure what hypnobirthing was but I liked the sound of the results so booked us onto a course.


When we did the course it all made perfect sense to me! I was already a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. That coupled with the science and logic of hypnobirthing got me hooked. Until we did the course I had no idea that there were so many choices available to me. No idea that I could be the one in control of so many things to do with my birth, it was like being let in on a massive secret. I discovered that giving birth can be a serene, calm and beautiful experience. I was no longer worried about the pain. My partner also stopped worrying that something bad was going to happen to the baby and I in childbirth. We were both looking forward to it!

I practised (almost) every day and then a few months later had the most amazing birth!

It was a really short labour, about 4 and a half hours, and I  had my baby in a birthing pool at home.

I stayed calm and relaxed throughout even though the midwives were late and missed the actual birth.

I was even laughing and joking within minutes of giving birth!

The hypnobirthing definitely paid off.

You can read my full birth story here.

After such an awesome experience I wanted to shout about hypnobirthing from the rooftops. One day, whilst telling a pregnant friend how amazing hypnobirthing is, I had a sudden realisation. I shouldn’t just be telling people how amazing it is, I should be teaching it! So I booked myself on a course (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) and became a qualified Hypnobirthing teacher.


I absolutely love helping new families get off to a great start by having amazing births.  It's such a joy to see people transform from fearing their births to looking forward to their births. It makes my heart sing when I get reports from clients about how wonderful their births were. I really hope I can help you go through this transformation too! If you would like to discuss how I can help you please call or email me.

My course

I originally trained as a KG hypnobirthing teacher but found it didn't quite fit my beliefs about hypnobirthing and the way the you had to teach wasn't 'me'. I've recently become an independent hypnobirthing teacher and I now teach a course that's a lot more fun and really interactive!


I teach group hypnobirthing classes in Rickmansworth and private classes in surrounding areas. If you want to get a feel for one of my classes and find out what hypnobirthing is about I offer FREE one hour taster sessions once a month. You can book the group, private or a free one hour taster sessions here.

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