Dimple's birth story

My waters broke on Sunday evening. The first thing I thought of when my waters broke was 'in 24 hours I’ll have my baby so whatever happens between now and then it doesn’t even matter too much'. I think I was having contractions from Wednesday evening for the run up but they were mild. I just thought they were Braxton Hicks! We went into the hospital on Sunday night to verify it and then the intense contractions started straight away. We came home around 2am and followed all the techniques (I had been practicing them daily and doing perineal massage). 

I managed positively for a couple of hours at home but I felt like I was having 4 contractions in 10 mins with very little break. I was getting tired on all fours but it was the only comfortable position for me, we had tried the bath and lying down.

My partner suggested we wait until 5.30am to go back in but unfortunately at around 4.30am I just flipped into a negative mind set. I said “If this is early

labour then there is no way I can deal with whatever is ahead! Please can we change the birthing plan and I’ll just have an epidural and c section!” He refused and kept me going for a bit longer.

When we got back to the hospital they saw I was 4cm dilated and asked if I was sure I wanted an epidural. They said “Better to have it now than carry on and have it later”. I’ve never been so sure of anything!! 


I had the epidural and then I got back on track with my calm techniques. No artificial oxytocin needed, just my partner, the midwife and me in the labour ward with a happy baby. The contractions continued to be 3 in 10 mins all the way from early morning when I got into the hospital to 5.30pm when I was 10cm.


I was chilled out (obviously as there was no pain hahaha!), slept and rested. I saved all my energy to push. I asked for an episiotomy if they thought I was going to tear and I did end up having one.


Towards the end the midwife had to change shift and then all of a sudden about 5 people were in the room. My partner told them if they weren’t doing anything could they leave as we wanted minimal disruption which was again great. Baby needed a little help with the ventouse in the last contraction but overall I still felt in control of everything.


I honestly believed the hypnobirthing course helped me so much during and in the run up to labour. Although I didn’t have the birth I planned I think the techniques still came in very useful for labour and also now that I’ve had my baby. They’ve helped me to just be calm and positive. I wasn’t disappointed about the way my birth went one bit, how can you be with a healthy baby at the end of it! 


It’s interesting though how much tougher I found the contractions when my mind set became negative in the night. But all good. I did what I felt at the time was the best thing for me and it worked! I honestly can’t thank you enough. It’s the best investment I made during pregnancy.

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