Gillian's beautiful birth story

I am so happy I found hypnobirthing for the birth of my second daughter! Two weeks ago she arrived into this world only two hours after my waves woke me from my sleep.


Around 4:30am I got out of bed and decided that the cramping I was feeling (which was just slightly more intense than the occasional nighttime cramps I had been feeling for about the past week) was actually things getting started and that my baby was on their way. I woke my husband and told him to make up our bed (our first was a planned hospital birth, but this one we planned for home) and called my mom to start her 3 hour drive to come look after my 2.5 year old.

I played some birth affirmations and had a shower, swaying and bouncing through waves, breathing my belly up into big rainbow balloons that floated away across the ocean towards the mountains as I exhaled my baby downwards. I didn't call my midwives because the waves were not too intense, and I figured I could begin timing their length after I brushed my hair.

Before I could begin, my daughter woke up crying for me. The only way she will settle during the night is if I lay with her, and luckily I had enough time during waves to lay down with her and get her back to sleep before another wave got me back up on my feet bouncing and swaying again. I set out to get some clothes on and brush my hair, pausing to breathe and visualize through waves. When they got intense I just visualized waves rolling on the open ocean and swayed with them. My daughter woke again just a few minutes later, and I tried to lie with her again, but could not, as I felt I needed to be up to move with my waves. I still had yet to time my waves, and my husband was busy tidying things downstairs, continuing the prep for our home birth, but they suddenly got very intense.

My daughter was following me around crying for me to lay down with her, but I could not care for her and focus on my birth at the same time at this point. My husband came to take her downstairs and I suddenly had two very intense waves. I felt the urge to rush to the toilet and while I was sitting I felt my body open up. I called for my husband, and did three powerful breaths like an animal, feeling my baby glide down in perfect harmony with my body. When he got to the bathroom door with my daughter I was holding our baby's head in my hands. "Get the binder and call the midwife" I calmly told him. He put out daughter down, who quietly watched me as I kneeled down on the floor, and with the next wave I gently guided my baby out into my own arms. It was 6:30 am. When my husband returned shaking with the phone in his hands, I showed him our new baby girl, and told him that everything was alright. We called the midwife, and paramedics, who soon arrived and confirmed that we were all healthy and well. I lay comfortably waiting for them on my bathroom floor with my 2 year old at my side and her new sister in my arms, feeling so calm, so empowered, so joyful, and so whole. It was a bit of a stressful adventure for my husband, but even through my screaming toddler, and delivering my own baby unattended, hypnobirthing helped me to stay calm, relaxed, and in control.


I am telling every pregnant person I know about hypnobirthing because it resonated so strongly with me since the beginning, and I want to share this powerful tool with all moms.

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