Hypnobirthing classes in Harrow

First of all a huge congratulations on your pregnancy and secondly, great move on looking into taking a hypnobirthing class! It really is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy! Check out these positive birth stories to see what an amazing impact doing hypnobirthing had on these women’s births.

I’m Penny, hypnobirthing mum and teacher (you can find out a little bit more about me here). I absolutely love teaching hypnobirthing and helping so many families get off to a great start by having calm, comfortable births and it's often been commented that my passion really shines through in my classes. If you'd like to join one and learn how to arm yourself with the skills to go into your birth feeling relaxed and in control you can find the details of my classes near you below.

Private hypnobirthing classes in Harrow

I run private hypnobirthing classes in Harrow these can be booked in at times to suit you and your partner.

I run two types of private classes, one for first time parents that is 10 hours of lessons (four sessions of 2.5 hours) and costs £395 and one for experienced parents that runs for 7.5 hours (three sessions of 2.5 hours) £345.


Group hypnobirthing classes

Alternatively if you’d prefer to join a group course I run monthly classes in Rickmansworth, only 20 minutes drive from Harrow. Currently my group classes are aimed at first time parents (though of course experienced parents are welcome to join) and are run over 12 hours (four sessions of 3 hours).


Whether you book a private or group course you will get:

  • The skills to re-frame your thinking around birth

  • A new sense of confidence in your body’s ability to birth your baby

  • A whole toolbox of relaxation techniques that will help you have an amazing birth

  • A complete antenatal education and information you won’t learn on other courses

  • The ability to ask the right questions to your medical providers so you can make the best decisions for your birth

  • A copy of The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves

  • MP3 downloads of relaxations and positive birth affirmations

  • An accompanying booklet with notes on the course and additional relaxations for you and your partner to practice with at home

  • Access to telephone or email support up to your birth should you need it

  • A goody bag filled with essential items & (useful!) discount codes

  • BONUS CONTENT: my exclusive new baby guide packed with hints and tips to make life with a new baby easier

You can book my classes here

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