Laura's lovely birth story

I had a very positive birth experience.  Hypnobirthing played a key part in the build up to my baby's arrival.  Listening to the relaxation and affirmation recordings became a part of my daily routine leaving me feeling prepared and excited for the birth. It eased the anxiety I felt about not being ready for this life-changing arrival and helped me put in perspective any fear I had about complications during labour.

Rosaline made her appearance into the world 8 days after her estimated due date,  with labour starting without any intervention.  I lost the mucus plug on the 6th of October which was a positive sign that things were getting moving down there.

The next day at around 9 pm I started to get strong period like pains, which to my surprise made me smile and get a little excited.  I watched TV in bed and tried to not think about it too much as I was aware that this can go on for some time.  I started recording the surges at 11pm as they had become regular and increasing in strength.  I went around the house double checking I had everything I needed for hospital and got changed into fresh comfy bedclothes that I wanted to wear for Labour.  I used the up breathing with every surge, which made me feel in control and relaxed.  


I woke my husband at 2:30 am as I now felt like I needed support and the TENS machine (which is amazing. I strongly suggest using one).  By 5 am the surges were strong and even though they were still between 5 & 2 mins apart (alternating in strength) I wanted some advice from a midwife.  I called the birthing centre and the midwife reassured me and suggested I have a warm bath to help with the surges.  At around 7 am we headed off to the Birthing Center. 

Watford Birthing Center and it's midwives are wonderful.  As soon as I got there I felt safe and calm knowing that I was in the place I was going to have my baby.  My husband went through the birthing proposal with the midwife who was keen to follow it speaking highly of previous experiences she had had with Hypnobirthing.  From this point, my early labour progressed quickly and by 11am I was in active labour and was given gas and air.  I was comfortable in the private room and labour was progressing so quickly that we didn't use the birthing pool as I had planned.  

Hypnobirthing was invaluable during the birth.  I remember briefly feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of a surge in the final stage and within an instant, my thoughts switched to 'This is good, this is what is supposed to happen' and went with it using down breathing.  Our baby was born and was handed to me, where she lay on me for an hour and fed.  

My placenta took two hours to birth.  Not that I was aware of the time at this point as I was so mesmerised by our beautiful baby.  I hadn't had a surge in a long time and they were planning to take me to surgery.  Thankfully at the last minute, I got a big surge and with the midwife's help, the placenta came away cleanly.  This was such a relief.  I only have positive things to say about my the birth of my daughter and this is due to the peace of mind Hypnobirthing gave me.  

Thank you Penny for all your help and advice.  I'm so glad I followed your advice and did the daily perineal massage leading up to the birth as I did not tear at all.

We are so happy with how everything went and have been telling everyone about the course!

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