Positive birth stories

In our culture we are constantly bombarded with images of labour as an emergency event, where the mother is screaming in pain and the father is running around in a panic. Everyone wants to share their horror stories of 72 hour labours, of excruciating pain but these stories are actively harmful to pregnant women.

Hypnobirthing is about trying to unlearn all of the negativity that surrounds birth and to reframe the language in a positive light. One of the most useful things a pregnant woman can do is to refuse to watch the likes of One Born Every Minute and respectfully decline to hear those awful stories every is so keen on telling her, and instead watch calm births on YouTube and read positive birth stories. I have gathered together a collection of these for this very purpose from the perspective of the mothers and the fathers.

In the weeks leading up to my birth I had been feeling period like pains in the lower part of my uterus. On D day, whilst preparing lunch for my mum, I started feeling them again but slightly stronger, this was around 12 in the afternoon. We ate our lunch then went to view a house for my mum, all the while the feelings were getting slightly stronger...

Dimple's birth story

My waters broke on Sunday evening. The first thing I thought of when my waters broke was 'in 24 hours I’ll have my baby so whatever happens between now and then it doesn’t even matter too much'. I think I was having contractions from Wednesday evening for the run up but they were mild. I just thought they were Braxton Hicks! We went into the hospital on Sunday night to verify it and then the intense contractions started straight away. 

I had a very positive birth experience.  Hypnobirthing played a key part in the build up to my baby's arrival.  Listening to the relaxation and affirmation recordings became a part of my daily routine leaving me feeling prepared and excited for the birth. It eased the anxiety I felt about not being ready for this life-changing arrival and helped me put in perspective any fear I had about complications during labour.

This was my first baby. I was 39 weeks and 2 days. On New Year's Eve night at 11pm after I went to the bathroom I noticed a slow stream of clear liquid coming out. Was this my water breaking? I thought it would be more like a gush of liquid. I put a pad on and went to bed. New Years morning at 7am I went to the bathroom again and I felt like a water balloon inside of me popped...

This was my 2nd Pregnancy and I was seriously considering opting for a C-Section as I was very nervous after a traumatic 1st which ended up with me in theatre, a hormone drip, an episiotomy and no pain relief until my son was almost born by forceps and ventouse...

I am so happy I found hypnobirthing for the birth of my second daughter! Two weeks ago she arrived into this world only two hours after my waves woke me from my sleep.

Around 4:30am I got out of bed and decided that the cramping I was feeling (which was just slightly more...

Iain's story of Scarlett's birth

We gave birth on a Thursday at home using Hypnobirthing and labour lasted around 4 hours. It was the most incredible experience.

My fiancé religiously listened to the birthing affirmations and we constantly practised our deepening relaxations in the build up to the due date and when the time came we were well prepared with the birthing ...

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