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How to keep cool during a heatwave when you're pregnant

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Phewee it is hot, hot hot! If you are pregnant right now I really feel you. It is not pleasant being pregnant when it’s 30 degrees plus. Luckily for us the heatwaves in this country generally only last a few days but still, when you’re pregnant those few days can seem like a lifetime. So, how do you cool down when you’re pregnant?

Here are my top 10 tips to keep your pregnant self cool when it's baking hot outside:

1. If you don’t already have one, buy a fan. They’re great in the day time but are even more indispensable at night when it’s already hard enough to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Place a frozen water bottle in front of your fan, this acts like a mini air con unit. Rather than the fan blowing warm air at you, the ice cools the air before it gets to you

3. Keep hydrated. This is so important when you are pregnant as your hydration levels can affect your levels of amniotic fluid and low levels may not be good for your baby.

4. Try and stay out of the sun, if this can’t be helped go old school and use a parasol (or an umbrella) to create your own personal area of shade

5. This sounds counterintuitive but keep your windows shut during the day. Most houses are well insulated which means they should stay fairly cool, however, when you open your windows you’re just letting hot air into your house.

6. Eat ice cream or ice lollies! If ever there was an excuse in your life to eat ice cream this is it ladies, take full advantage of it!

7. Wet some flannels and then put them in the freezer. When you take them out they don’t stay frozen for very long but they do feel amazing and are so cooling when wiped across your skin.

8. Carry around a mini spray bottle filled with water. Believe me spraying this over yourself feels so good on really hot days.

9. Take a cold shower. If this isn’t possible then hold your wrists under cold running water for a few minutes, it will cool the blood in the veins in your arms.

10. If this is your first pregnancy then chances are you don’t own a paddling pool. My advice to you? Invest in one now! There’s nothing better than wallowing in a cool pool in your back garden plus your baby will absolutely love it next summer. Even if you live in a flat you can get smaller ones that fit on your balcony. You might look like a beached whale but it will be oh so worth it!

Those are my top tips for staying cool on hot days when you are pregnant! If you really feel like you’re melting just remember this, like every other stage of pregnancy, will soon pass. Good luck keeping cool!

To find out more about how to stay cool, calm and collected throughout pregnancy and birth (no matter what happens) join one of my online hypnobirthing classes.

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