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Is hypnobirthing worth the money?

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

The question shouldn't be is ‘hypnobirthing worth the money?’, the real question should be ‘are you worth the investment?’. Ask yourself if your well being during your pregnancy and having a positive experience on the most important day of your life, the day you become a parent, is worth investing in? And it’s not just an investment for your experience, it’s also an investment in how your partner experiences your birth as he has an active and vitally important role to play in helping you have a calm and relaxed birth. But most importantly it’s an investment into the way your baby enters the world! Hypnobirthing babies come into the world calmer (and generally continue to be so) and they are more likely to be born without drugs in their system because hypnobirthing mums are far less likely to need pain relieving drugs.

Hypnobirthing mums have on average 3 hours shorter labours as the muscles are working more efficiently which means the passage through the birth canal is shorter and less traumatic for the baby. The results of this cannot be understated, there are now numerous scientific studies linking traumatic birth with consequences not just for the mum (the most well known one being postnatal depression) but also for the baby. The effects of a traumatic birth on a baby and later child can range from constant crying, learning difficulties, speech delays, asthma, depression, aggression, difficulty in maintaining relationships and some studies even link it to autism.

Having a new baby is an expensive business

When you have a baby there's suddenly so much to buy and it all seems so expensive, notably buggies and nursery furniture. Your buggy and your cot will only be used for a few years at most and in 20 years time you won't even remember exactly what buggy or cot you had but you will remember the birth of your baby for the rest of your life!

I hate to break this to you but half the stuff you'll buy because you think you need it, either doesn't get used or gets used only a handful of times. I'm so glad our cot was given to us as my now 2 year old has never slept an entire night in it, same goes for the travel cot which is still unopened in its original box! You then you end up selling all this stuff for so much less than you paid for it - if you don’t believe me check out any of the Lots for Tots selling groups on Facebook. I would really recommend buying your baby items second hand, it's so much cheaper and all the stuff you buy is almost as good as new as babies use their things for such a short amount of time before they outgrow them (or never use them in the first place!).

The cost of a wedding

If you are married (or planning to get married) you will know how much money you spent on your wedding (the average cost these days is £20,000!!). A massive proportion of that cost will have been spent on your venue and providing food and drinks for other people. A group hypnobirthing course will cost you a fraction of the cost (less than 1.5% of the cost of an average wedding) and all of that cost will be for the benefit of no one but you, your partner and your baby! For me spending the money on my hypnobirthing classes has been the best money I’ve spent on myself not just in my pregnancy but in my life! I feel so happy when I think back to how awesome my birth was and I know wholeheartedly that my positive experience was down to hypnobirthing.

The perfect birth?

Everyday I am grateful for the beautiful birth that I had, and I know that hypnobirthing can’t promise you the perfect birth but what it can do for you is massively stack the odds in your favour. The majority of women are able to have a natural, comfortable birth but even mums whose births didn't go to plan and needed interventions still rave about how much hypnobirthing helped them stay calm and helped them feel happy with their choices as they knew they were able to make informed decisions that were right for their birth and their baby.

Skills for life

Hypnobirthing is so much more than just learning breathing and relaxation techniques, it teaches you about all your choices and the implications of the choices you make. It teaches you how to critically assess medical information given to you and how to extract the information that they don't give you; these are skills not just for your pregnancy and labour but skills you can apply any time you are offered any kind of medical procedure. Those breathing and relaxation techniques also come in really handy when you have a crying baby, a trying toddler or even a sulking teenager! The skills and techniques you learn on a hypnobirthing course are not just for your birth, they're for life!

Free of fear

Most people start looking into hypnobirthing because they have an element of fear surrounding their birth, fear of the pain, fear of the unknown, fear that they won’t be able to do it, but imagine what it would be like to not have any fear, to actually look forward to giving birth and go into your labour feeling relaxed, calm and in control. Now imagine what it would be like to have a birth that you loved and even enjoyed, a birth that you can look back on with fond memories and a smile on your face, how great would that be? Taking a hypnobirthing course is about investing in a transformation in yourself, in the way you view birth and ultimately the way you experience birth!


If you can see the benefit of investing into yours and your baby's birth and would love to join one of my courses but are unable to afford the full cost in one go I offer a payment plan so you can spread the cost. You can set up a Direct Debit and pay in smaller chunks to suit you. Contact me and I can send you a link to set the Direct Debit up.

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